South African Embassy
in the Russian Federation






Dear Friends of South Africa

Welcome to the official website of the South African Embassy in the Russian Federation!

The Republic of South Africa and the Russian Federation continues to enjoy cordial relations dating as far back as when the former USSR supported our people during our liberation struggle for freedom. In 2022, these historic relations were commemorated through the 30th Anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 28 February 1992. It is also worth mentioning that in December 1991, South Africa was the first African country to officially recognize the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

In 1993 the two countries signed a trade agreement to formalise the relations between the two countries whilst increasing trade and investment. As the Embassy our presence in the Russian Federation, amongst others, is to foster new relations whilst further strengthening the existing bilateral relations for mutual benefit of both countries, particularly in the area of trade. The two countries meet annually at the level of Ministers in a joint committee, namely the Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation (ITEC). The ITEC Committee is the main bilateral mechanism where government-to-government cooperation is pursued. As a result of regular engagement, a number of bilateral cooperation agreements have been signed to enhance bilateral cooperation on a technical level between the two countries.

The two countries also enjoy strategic relations through partnership in the United Nations, G20 and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alliance which South Africa chaired in 2023.

On 31 August 2022, Cabinet approved the Theme, Priorities and Deliverables for South Africa’s Chairship of BRICS in 2023. South Africa’s Chairship aimed to reflect on South Africa’s national interests, as well as the needs and aspirations of Africa and the Global South. We aim to consolidate on the gains made during our previous Chairships, our preceding Chairs, and to strengthen the partnership. Cabinet has approved the following theme: BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Multilateralism.

The Mission in alignment with the government priorities has committed to focus on the following five priority sectors, namely; agriculture, automotive, energy, oceans economy and tourism. During the Covid era the majority of these sectors were highly affected and to date are struggling to recover under ailing economies globally. The government continues to implement measures in an effort to revive the economy, predominantly the tourism sector which was heavily affected due to global restrictions imposed on the free movement of people. While you take the time to browse through our website, I hope that you will be thrilled to explore the natural beauty our country has to offer to the tourist market and that you will be convinced to come and visit South Africa where the warm African sun and natural beauty awaits you!

We also believe that you can enjoy the diversity that our country has to offer in terms of race, culture, cuisine, fauna and flora and nature. I wish to invite all of you to visit South Africa to experience our people’s warmth and our diverse landscape amongst other things. Our people-to-people relations continue to grow supported by the high number of Russian tourists currently visiting South Africa taking advantage of the existing 90 day visa-waiver between the two countries.

We wish to take this opportunity to extend our unique and proudly South African welcome on behalf of the South African government and its people. We look forward to welcoming you with greater excitement to show you our beautiful country, a safe destination of choice where everything is possible.