South African Embassy
in the Russian Federation


General documents for all visa categories: up to 90 days

Visa application form (DHA-84) Form 11 must be completed in English in case if duration of visit is up to 90 days. Visa application form (DHA - 1738) Form 8 must be completed in English in case if duration of visit is more than 90 days. The visa application must be completed in block letters and only in black ink (pen) including signature and date. Only applications with necessary, relevant and duly signed supporting documents will be accepted. Untidy or cancelled and corrected applications are not accepted.

One photograph - must be pasted in the upper left corner of the visa application form

Your photograph must be:

  • Colour
  • Passport style and size (30 mm wide x 40 mm high)
  • A recent and true likeness, showing full face, with no sunglasses, although you can wear everyday glasses
  • Original – that is not digitally or optically altered (for example it must notbe “photo-shopped” or “touched-up”
  • Taken against a white background so that your features are clearly distinguishable against the background
  • Printed on low-gloss, plain-white photo-quality paper (with no watermarks or embossing) 

Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and this may cause a delay in processing your application.

A valid passport which must be valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of the intended duration of stay in the RSA - Passport requirements

Passport Requirements:

Two pages of the passport must be blank in order to affix the visa and for entry/departure endorsements. These pages may be located in different parts of the passport. The following pages “Photographs of children”, “Bearer of this passport is accompanied by children whose particulars are as follows” (Russian passports) and “Other notes” and “Valid for foreign travel” (Republic of Belarus passports) are not regarded as the visa page

Copy of marriage certificate if married. 

Original bank statement for the last 90 days reflecting: bank account holder's name, currency of the account, money transactions and balance of account. Translation into English is not required. 

2NDFL form (Russian income tax report) may be requested.

Proof of flight itinerary (booking of air ticket). The Consular Section strongly advises not to buy tickets before the decision is made on the visa application.

In case of double/multiple entries to the RSA confirmation of each entry by air tickets booking or land transport booking or car booking. 

All documentation accompanying an application form must be in English/translated into English (except bank statement). The translation shall be printed but not certified. Requirements for translation of documents for underage children please see in "Minor children".

Please note that applications must be submitted in person only Applications in respect of minors (below 18 years old) may be submitted by one of the parents.

The passport with visa may be collected at the embassy by any person on presenting the visa fee receipt. It may also be collected by any courier service.  

It is your responsibility to check your visa for data information, duration of stay, number of entries and visa expiry date while collecting your passport.